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 Overview: Local-to-local (L2L) information sharing was initiated by the National Sheriffs’ Association (NSA) in 2001 and now operates under the name “Nationwide Pegasus Program”. The Pegasus Program is administered by a 501(c)(3) nonprofit entity and is endorsed and supported by NSA. The Pegasus Program’s mission is to enhance the ability of local law enforcement to solve local crimes by connecting local databases of law enforcement, jail and other repositories of public records. This effort is intended to enable information sharing and integration across county and State boundaries in a way that meets and responds to routine investigative and operational needs of local law enforcement. The Program also makes local law enforcement information accessible to federal law enforcement with the approval of each individual owner of the records (local law enforcement). Pegasus conforms to federal standards established by DOJ and DHS.

Pegasus Local-to-Local (L2L) Information Services: Pegasus Local-to-Local (L2L) Information Services are specifically designed to enable local law enforcement to share law enforcement information through a highly secure and reliable communications and information technology infrastructure using DOJ/DHS-approved and/or industry-standard browser-based technologies. Permission-based access, provided by biometric or other strong access authentication, assures that only authorized law enforcement personnel have access to law enforcement information. Strong access authentication also establishes permissions to facilitate secure authenticated access to the system. The major functions of Pegasus Local-to-Local (L2L) Information Services include:

  •  Directory Services: provides contact information for agencies nationwide;

  • Automated Data Exchange Services: presents user-generated queries to participating law enforcement databases and combines and presents responses to users;

  •  Reporting Services: provides users with pre-formatted reports of law enforcement information;

  • Security Management Services: manages user authentication and access; and

  • System Provisioning, Billing and Administration Services: provides system management and administration functions.

Key Pegasus Program Local-to-Local (L2L) Goals:

1. Create the capacity for rural law enforcement agencies to share law enforcement data and information, not categorized as criminal intelligence, nationwide with a focus on solving routine crimes.

 2. Connect to rural law enforcement agencies’ existing information systems without requiring additional investment or upgrade, as well as enable the capability to search information in the rural law enforcement agencies’ existing information systems.

3. Enhance rural law enforcement agencies’ information sharing capabilities at low cost by providing reusable and scalable technology solutions.

4. Develop, provide, or facilitate the integration of information sharing technology using secure authentication, which will be provided to the agencies sharing information to verify the user either requesting or receiving information.

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